the pre-Bon Jovi era (1978-1983) and the Debut & 7800(degrees) Fahrenheit era (1984-1985):

Before there was Bon Jovi, the band...
Richie Sambora played with Shark Frenzy (1978-1981) and with Messgae (1983, along with Alec John Such).
Tico Torres played drums on the 1984 album of Franke and the Knockouts, titled "Makin' The Point".
Jon helped his cousin (worked) at the Power Station studios during the day and was able to use the studio at night so he was able to chase his dreams of becoming a rock star.

The Shark Frenzy albums saw the first CD release in 2004 and a re-release in 2005 & 2006 with different covers and titles and with 1 bonus track on each.
Shark Frenzy (Richie Sambora) - Volume 1 (Sonic Past Music, SPM001 - CD album).
Released on June 30th , 2005 in USA. Total playing time: 45'45''.
Tracklisting: Come Saturday Night / Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young / Law Of The Jungle / Nobody / The Ones With The Angel Eyes / The Power / I'll Play The Fool / Birthday / Don't Stop Lovin' Me Now / Into The Night / Southern Belle / Platinum Heroes
Volume 2 has been retitled from "Confessions Of A Teenage Lycanthrope" to "Citizen Invisible" and features a live recording from the Shark Frenzy reunion from 2004. The track "Goodbye To Me" is replaced with "Fool, Fool, Fool".
Shark Frenzy (Richie Sambora) - Volume 2: Citizen Invisible (Confessions Of A...) (Sonic Past Music, SPM002 - CD album).
Released on November 1st , 2006 in USA. Total playing time: 57'02''.
Tracklisting: Confessions Of A Teenage Lycanthrope / A Good Life / I Haven't Changed / Cruising Lines / Any Woman Like You / I Need Your Love / Devil On The Run / Man With A Dragon / Crashing Kites / Til' The Walls Come Down / Fool, Fool, Fool / Out In The Heat / Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End

In 1995 the Message album was released in Germany simply called Message, in the same year the album was also released in Japan with 4 bonus tracks and a completely different cover. There was a re-release in 2000 with the title "Lessons" that had another 2 additional tracks.
Message (Richie Sambora) - Message (Long Island Records, LIR-00001 - CD album).
Released on August 31st , 1995 in Germany. Total playing time: 39'13''.
Tracklisting: Where Were You / I Can Feel It / She's Gone / Stories / Pessimistic Man / Swing / Lessons / It Won't Be Long / Is There Love / Any Other Girl

Jon Bon Jovi recorded some demo tracks at his cousin's Power Station studios between 1980 and 1983. In 1997 Tony Bongiovi released the tracks. First as a 10 track album in USA (in Japan it was released with a bonus track) followed by another 10 track album with more songs in Japan only. There is a European release that has all the tracks except the edit of "More Than We Bargained For". Many more releases exist under many different labels. There are also some "Best Of" compilations. The single for "More Than We Bargained For" was released but is quite hard to find.
John Bongiovi - John Bongiovi (Power Station Years) (Chelsea Music Ltd. / Delta Music GmbH, LL-21-490 - CD album).
Released on December 20th , 1999 in Europe. Total playing time: 1h 11'05''.
Tracklisting: Who Said It Would Last Forever / Open Your Heart / Stringin' A Line / Don't Leave Me Tonight / More Than We Bargained For / For You / Hollywood Dreams / All Talk No Action / Don't Keep Me Wondering / Head Over Heels / No One Does It Like You / What You Want / Don't You Believe Him / Talkin' In Your Sleep / Bobby's Girl / Gimme Some Lovin' Charlene / Don't Do That To Me Anymore / This Woman Is Dangerous / Maybe Tomorrow / Runaway
John Bongiovi - The Power Station Years 1980-1983 (Power Station Records, TECW-23557 - CD album).
Released on July 7th , 1997 in Japan. Total playing time: 40'49''.
Tracklisting: Who Said It Would Last Forever / Open Your Heart / Stringin' A Line / Don't Leave Me Tonight / Hollywood Dreams / Don't You Believe Him / More Than We Bargained For / Head Over Heels / What You Want / Talkin' In Your Sleep / Don't Keep Me Wondering
John Bongiovi - More Music From The Power Station Years (Power Station Records, TECW-23590 - CD album).
Released on September 27th , 1997 in Japan. Total playing time: 33'04''.
Tracklisting: All Talk No Action / For You / No One Does It Like You / Bobby's Girl / Gimme Some Lovin' Charlene / This Woman Is Dangerous / Don't Do That To Me Anymore / Maybe Tomorrow / More Than We Bargained For / Runaway

After the success John's song "Runaway" had on radio in New York, John changed his name, put together a band and signed a record deal. Late 1983 Bon Jovi finished their self-titled debut and released it in early 1984. Three singles were released: "Runaway", "She Don't Know Me" and "Burning For Love".
Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi (Mercury, 814-982-2_USA - CD album).
Released on January 21st , 1984 in USA. Total playing time: 38'10''.
Tracklisting: Runaway / Roulette / She Don't Know Me / Shot Through The Heart / Love Lies / Breakout / Burning For Love / Come Back / Get Ready

A little more than a year later, the follow-up, 7800(degrees) Fahrenheit was recorded. Four singles were released: "In And Out Of Love", "The Hardest Part Is The Night", "Only Lonely" and "Silent Night".

Bon Jovi - 7800(degrees) Fahrenheit (Mercury, 824-509-2_USA - CD album).
Released on April 12th , 1985 in USA. Total playing time: 46'52''.
Tracklisting: In And Out Of Love / The Price Of Love / Only Lonely / King Of The Mountain / Silent Night / Tokyo Road / The Hardest Part Is The Night / Always Run To You / (I Don't Wanna Fall) To The Fire / Secret Dreams

In Japan in 1993 the "Burning For Love" single was released on CD for the first time.
Bon Jovi - Burning For Love (Mercury, PHCR-8026 - CD single).
Released on May 26th , 1993 in Japan. Total playing time: 16'15''.
Tracklisting: Breakout / Runaway / Burning For Love
Bon Jovi - Videosingles / Breakout (PolyGram Video, 041-386-2_UK - VHS video).
Released in 1993 in UK. Total playing time: 27'00''.
Tracklisting: In And Out Of Love / Only Lonely / Silent Night / She Don't Know Me / The Hardest Part Is The Night / Runaway
The "Breakout" videos, also known as "Videosingles" was only released on VHS and it contains all the videos from the first two albums. Most of the videos were not released later, on any format.

Short form discography:

1978-1983 various pre- Bon Jovi projects...

1983 single: Runaway

1984 album: Bon Jovi (self titled debut)
1984 single: She Don't Know Me
1984 single: Burning For Love

1985 single: In And Out Of Love
1985 album: 7800(degrees) Fahrenheit
1985 single: The Hardest Part Is The Night
1985 single: Only Lonely
1985 video: Breakout

1986 single: Silent Night

1986-1989 ->
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